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This Is Why A Headboard Is So Important

I have to make a confession: it has been 505 days since I last owned a headboard. While I never intended to go so long without one of the most significant design elements of a bedroom, other things just kept getting in the way, and I could never decide on what design I wanted to go with or how much I wanted to spend. This is definitely a case of the cobbler's kids going without shoes.

A headboard works to anchor the bed by framing the largest (and most important) piece of furniture in the room. It presents an opportunity to add texture, pattern, color, or a unique material to your space, and it gives the room a focal point. In Feng Shui, good headboards provide stability and strength which promote a restful night's sleep.

Well I finally resolved to rectify my situation. I knew I wanted an upholstered headboard, and I was partial to a channel-tufted style. I found several that could have worked, but didn't have the height I was looking for. I settled on the modular, upholstered headboard panels from Vant. They come in a variety of materials and colors and can be ordered in sets depending on the configuration you want. Wayfair also sells a similar (if not identical) product. While they are typically shown installed horizontally, they can also be hung vertically, which is what I did.

In the before photo, the bed is unmoored from the space and lacks visual interest. After adding the headboard, the room has a defined focal point, even with no other changes made. The headboard also makes the bed appear more stable and grounded in the room. Even our dog agrees: this is definitely an improvement. We will rest easy finally having this little project behind us.


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