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5 Ways To Make Your Home a Sanctuary During Self-quarantine

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

...that don't require you to buy or order anything new.


So you're following best practices and staying home while it feels like the world outside is falling apart. As the coronavirus and cases of COVID-19 spread around the world, our hearts go out to those affected and those who are working to keep things like hospitals, banks, and grocery stores open and functioning. It's unclear how long it will be before things start to get back to normal, so in the meantime, here are five ways to turn your home into a sanctuary while you're social distancing.

1. Rearrange your furniture

With all this time at home, you may notice your current floor plan lacks good flow from one space to the next. Try considering some of the rules of Feng Shui, the Chinese system for optimizing the flow of energy in our homes. Think about the room where you spend most of your time. Can you see the door from where you sit

or work? If not, consider how you can position yourself or your furniture to see the main entry. This is known as the commanding position, and it helps you feel, well, in command. When you have your back turned away from the entry, it can lead to a sense of vulnerability and interrupt your concentration. The command position helps counteract this and is said to help you do your best and attain success.

2. Aromatherapy

We all love the smell of a good candle or home-baked desserts, but did you know that certain aromas can benefit your health and well-being? Many people use bath salts and essential oils for a spa experience in the bathtub or use diffusers with essential oils to make the whole apartment smell fresh. But what if you don't have a set of essential oils on hand and aren't about to break a stay-at-home order to go get some at the store? A great alternative is to look in your cupboard or your yard for some aromatic ingredients and boil them on the stove. It could be the the rind of a citrus fruit, some vanilla or almond extract, or some cinnamon from your spice rack. You can also use clippings from your rosemary and lavender plants or sprigs from a pine or cedar tree. Check out some of the great combinations concocted over at The Yummy Life for ideas.

3. Clear out stagnant energy using sound

Burning sage to "smudge" your home of negative energy is a well-known practice derived from indigenous cultures. Energy clearing, as it is sometimes called, can also be done with sound. If the environment around you feels stagnant, stale or even somewhat negative then this suggestion is for you. You can use a bell, singing bowl, clapping, or even your voice.

Start by opening the windows in your space and move through the room ringing the bell to transform the energy. Your intention should be to reinvigorate the energy in your home with positivity while the stagnant and negative energy leave through the open window.

4. Burn a candle to help you focus

This is a trick you can use if you find yourself distracted from what you are trying to focus on, whether it's reading or work from home. Grab a candle that will be good for several uses or tea lights that you can use in the same holder or votive. Light the candle whenever you start your task. The important thing here is only to use that specific candle for that one task with the intention being that, while the candle is burning, you will be working on it. Not only does this let others around you know that you are focusing on your work, it also gives you a visual cue to recenter when your mind wanders. When you stop working on your task, blow out the candle.

5. Give your plants a new home

If you have houseplants, reconsider their placement in your space. In financially uncertain times, we are all hoping for a little prosperity in our lives. According to Feng Shui, the dining area is one of abundance. Place a plant in this area to grow your abundance and wealth. Also consider placing a plant near areas with a lot of tech such as your TV/entertainment space or a home office. This break up the overly digital, man-made devices with natural elements and brings warmth to your room.

What are you doing to feel relaxed and comfortable at home? Share your ideas in the comments!

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