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IKEA  Ivar Hack

Sometimes when you can't find the right piece of furniture, you have to improvise. This DIY IKEA hack produced a contemporary, stylish and, most importantly, functional piece. From a basic Ivar cabinet to a one of a kind furniture piece, this is a DIY project that was definitely worth the time.

I started this project out of desperation to finally hide away our cat's litter box. It occupied a a visual dead zone in our living room with a cluttered set of wall baskets above which contained various cat and dog toys. To say it was unattractive is an understatement. 

So I set out to find a solution that could improve the functionality of the space and be aesthetically pleasing. I decided to follow this tutorial from Drew Scott aka Lone Fox. I got the larger Ivar cabinet and instead of staining the whole cabinet black, I added contrast by staining the slats in a rich walnut finish. Of course I also added an arched side entrance for the cat to enter. The finished product is a luxe statement piece the actually elevates the room instead of the sad poop corner that was there before. I am extremely satisfied, and I think the cat is too. Check out the video below to see the process.

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